When working with a custom home builder Atlanta, don’t forget to talk appliances! Many building companies include appliances with your home purchase and, if the one you’ve chosen does, you’ll want to know which appliances you’ll be getting and what upgrades are available. For best results, aim for energy efficient appliances, especially when it comes to your washer and dryer. Standard, non-green versions of these appliances can cause both your water bill and your energy bill to soar through the roof.

In addition to being sure you get the right washer and dryer, find the right place to put them. When working with a custom home builder, Atlanta residents are always advised to include a small laundry room in their homes. Laundry can be made even easier if the laundry room is located near or among the home’s main bedrooms, where it is easily accessible. It’s a lot easier and less expensive to get a good laundry room put in when your home Is built than it is to have to call upon Atlanta green home renovations companies later on down the road.


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